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Teayamo makes 100% natural Ayurveda inspired Teas

Teayamo brings you freshest teas directly from tea gardens, bypassing middlemen, of Assam and Darjeeling. Teayamo sources functional and asthetic teaware, and creates tea ceremony kits to make tea drinking as celebration event.


5 Reasons to choose Teayamo


Every batch of gourmet tea blend is tasted by tea connoisseurs to ensure the pure flavour reaching you with great aroma, taste, texture, palate and purity.



Fresh tea is far tastier and healthier. Normally tea waits for about a month in godowns before being packaged and then few more months before it reaches you via auctions and traditional distribution channels. Teayamo brings you freshest of finest teas directly from the select gardens, with most teas often been plucked to packaged (in vacuum, airtight boxes or in nitrogen sealed pouches) within a month of teas getting handpicked.


Teayamo blends premium tea leaves with 100% natural therapeutic herbs proportioned as per Ayurveda. No tea dust. 100% natural. No chemicals. No colours. Not added "nature identical" flavors. Only 100% natural tea leaves, spices and herbs with proven health benefits. Few herbs and spices which have miraculous healing properties are not so naturally great in taste, so balancing taste and health is important in creating effective wellness gourmet tea blends. Teayamo team does R&D, and conducts frequent tasting sessions to create divinely tasty yet therapeutic tea blends which appeal great to your mind, body and soul.



Our tea travels in vaccuum or air sealed bags from tea estate. After blending, to keep teas' fresh taste and aroma intact, we package them in airtight foil pouches (a technique also used by NASA) and then in reusable food-grade tin canisters if needed. This helps to keep out the enemies of teas - air, moisture, heat, oxygen and light; and you enjoy your tea like it’s supposed to be!.


Filter bags are environment unfriendly, carry low quality tea and add major cost to product. Whereas in loose tea packs , tea is 80% of product cost. Loose tea packs means better quality and value for money. If at all tea bags are unavoiadable we urge you to use bio-degradable pyramid tea bags and say no to paper filter tea bags.


OEM Services

Teayamo does OEM manufacturing of signature tea blend (with or without co-branding) for dieticians, ayurveda practitioners, HORECA, corporate gifting companies, dieticians and chefs.

We do everything from identifying the right tea blends, to creating well proportioned ingredients mix, to designing right packaging, right tea bags, to selecting correct accessories, doing complete designing and to suggesting right launch strategy.

Teayamo promises to delight your clients with awesome teas and uplift your brand. Teayamo's OEM services are open to all tea sellers of the globe.

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Teayamo is Indian tea company run by a team of passionate tea drinkers

Shri Chanderpal Sharma

A retired tea cultivation and production expert, now the mentor and connoisseur in tea tasting at Teayamo. He carries experience of a tea aficionado who has spent over 40 years handling full plantation at various teas gardens. He was unanimously elected as the Chairman of Tea Association of India (TAIAB), Assam branch, for driving various innovations in tea plantation, twice.

Dr. Rajeshwari Goel (MBBS)

A health enthusiast and inspiration cum guide behind wellness teas by Teayamo. She professes that everyday food products must always be full of nutrition and must taste good, this helps our familites to imbibe health easily.

Sanjay Goel

A passionate tea drinker, an imagineer, a perfectionist and CEO of Teayamo. He loves making good things, better. He aspires to introduce many more innovative super-food and healthcare products under the brand Teayamo.

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