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Get custom tea blends for your business


Launch Your Tea Brand

Teayamo makes special custom blends on OEM basis (with or without co-branding) for hotels, corporate gifting companies, dieticians and chefs. We work with transparency, do everything from identifying the right tea blends, to designing right packings, right tea bags, to selecting correct accessories, doing complete designing and to suggesting right launch strategy.

Teayamo Does Everything For You

Teayamo informs you cost of manufacturing and OEM services fees upfront without being bothered by what MRP you wish to keep, so that you can easily decide your pricing and marketing strategy to capture multi billion dollar tea market. We choose to stay focussed on creating awesome tea products for your business growth.


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Fill Form As a policy Teayamo makes only 100% natural tea blends. No chemicals. No Colours. No artificial flavors. Not even “Nature Identical” flavors. Just pure tea leaves and ayurvedic herbs.